Books Of Prime Entry

Fisrt of All Ramadhan is here and that i’d like to wish you all a very fruitful Ramadhan and that may you all be able to dig up all the gems embedded within this blessed month.

No down to business, we will be entering into a new topic Entitled BOOKS OF PRIME ENTRY, part of this will consist of Special Journals upon which we are going to start with,  Insha Allah in our first lesson. Please find the notes and exercises for you to bring with in class.

Books Of prime Entry

Purchases and Sales Journal

Purhases and Sales journal Year 9 Ex1

Purhases and Sales journal Year 9 Ex2

I would very much appreciate if read this before you come in.

Holiday Exercises Double Entry

As Salam All,

Hope you had enough rest during your holidays, there’s one more week left of it so hope you will take the time for you to revise. Do please revise wisely as it will contain the following topics:

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Accounting Equations
  • Sources Of Documents
  • Double Entry

The following are your exercises (this will act as your revision) for your double entry, please complete it before our first class of the new term as we will be going through it in that class. Not doing your work will delay your lesson and progress.

Double Entry Ex1 to 3

Double Entry Ex4 to 5

I’ve also attached as summary of your double entry below.

Summary Double Entry

Good luck and…..don’t enjoy your holiday to much…..nya orang tani “sadang sadang jua eh”

Welcome 9GP

I hope by now everybody has seen this website and seen the post that have posted previously which i have now deleted.

You have embarked in a new journey…….i.e. a new subject….I would expect your fullest commitment in time and energy…Insha allah you will be getting that from me to……..I would call this tango-ing.

For our first few lesson I have provided you a photocopy of notes and exercises…….starting today i would not be do so………… I would expect you to be responsible for your own learning.

So I wish all the best…..stay tuned for note to be uploaded for your next class